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U-162 /162B

The Small Parts Counter U-162/162B* specifically designed to be used as a filler on top of automated bagging machines and is ideal for counting repeating batches from the same product type.

Embedded with the ICI vision bulk counting technology, the U-162 parts counter can count an unparalleled variety of small parts sized 1mm-25mm and is not constrained by the object shape nor requires tooling when changing objects.

The unique ability to count multiple objects in parallel results in counting speeds of up to 200 objects per second,

The Small Parts Counter U-162 can be integrated with various Automated Poly Bagging Machines.

Vision and algorithm based

Counting accuracy: up to 99.9%

Parts size range :1mm-25mm

Speed: Up to 200 Objects per sec

Industry 4.0 compatibility

Automatic learning of object types

1-time setup
Unlimited programs and products

Storage flap to increase counting outputs

Reject mechanism for automatic discharge
Touch-panel, PC-based HMI

Remote control for remote service

Supports TCP/IP protocol