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U-labo Junior

The Small Parts Counter Labo U-JR can quickly and accurately count components as small as 0.5 to 3/4 mm in diameter, ensuring accurate inventory or kitting control.

Counting small parts is a complicated, tedious, and often an error-prone task which has an adverse effect on stock quantities and production times.

The Small Parts Counter Labo U-JR can count up to 3.000 components per minute.

The Small Parts Counter Labo U-JR is an efficient way to ensure control of the highest standards is met, using state of the art (or bleeding-edge) technology.

The Labo U-JR Counting machine key benefits include:

  • Frees up labor for other tasks
  • Low-maintenance, easy to clean
  • User-friendly interface and simple to operate

The industrial components counting machine can accurately count micro-components which cannot be accurately counted or weighed otherwise.

Technical data:

Voltage: 100/240 VAC, 1-phase

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 22 W

Circuit breaker rate: Minimum 10 A slow-blow

Dimensions (cm, W x H x D): 21 x 21 x 20

Weight: 5 kg