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FASTENERS Inspection

Custom Industrial Machines

We realize special inspection machines for fasteners and parts produced by cold forging or turning.
We are checking and selecting 24/24h 7/7d fasteners for automotive, aerospace and other industries and we can develop your specific project, in order to guarantee zero defects.

We are the only one in the market to offer Quality Controls on screws till 300mm length:

  • 360° Quality STRAIGHTNESS at 200 parts per minute
  • CRACK DETECTION 400 parts per minute checked with eddy current
  • 150 parts per minute MECHANICAL HEAD CHECK
  • CYCLE REPEATIBILITY with 0,02mm precision (same screw checked 100 times)
  • PRECISION 0,01mm
  • COMPACT LAYOUT: 1mt x 1mt x 2,2 mt (excluding vibrator)


We have three machines categories in our catalogue: Metal table, Glass Table and Linear Guide.

CGISP Series 1500

Automatic Inspection machines with visual and mechanic controls for screws, rivets, studs, special parts by cold forging or turning process.

CGISP Series 2500

Machine with several visual controls for parts to be controlled in a rotating glass table. Quality control for washers, distance rings, bolts

CGISP Series 3500

Machine with linear movement for visual inspection. “V” sliding glass or belt conveyor: Very fast changeover with no tooling to be changed