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Custom Industrial Machines

We are a company with more than 30 years of experience working in design and special machine construction for different industrial areas, able to develop every idea from zero and optimize your work area with the objective to eliminate production difficulties.

The COSMEC team started with designing and installment of industrial machines for important companies in different production areas, developing vast experience working with leading companies around the world.

Thanks to the developed experience in the automation area, and special machines design and construction, we offer our know-how to solve production difficulties in different areas of the industry and create a machine lines in series.

Our machine lines in series are the result of the developed on-side know-how to propose effective solutions to any production problem with the scope to optimize clients’ work.

Working together with the best companies in the world, we obtained experience and knowledge, which now allow us to propose a wide range of machines and solutions according to client’s special needs in many production sectors.

In the last years, the collaboration has expanded in order to re-empower the activity of COSMEC, the machines and plants construction, to offer to the client the best technical solutions in terms of cost/quality.

With these means, we developed the resources and the research in the quality control area. Thanks to the technical knowledge of our engineers in the visual quality control we can design, develop and realize control systems for your product during production or outside production, bringing to zero the defected parts in output.

Bringing individual solutions through special machine,  with the capacity to increase the quality of the final product with quality control machines and thanks to the machines we construct in series built in collaboration with the best companies in the world in every production sector, we can guarantee a total control and maximum efficiency to our clients.

Our scope is to become faithful partner to our clients with automatic systems and machines designed according to your special needs.