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System for oxidation of metallic lead in the active mass and for the adhesion of the material to the grid.
Typical curing chamber is 3m x 5m x 3m and 3 curing chambers form one Cosmec Curing System.
Three curing chambers is the minimum to have a production curing process:
rresponding to each cycle hold in the equipment.

1. First step you produce the plates and you charge the chamber available ( the parameters in the chamber are in “loading phase”)

2. Second step you start the “wet phase” for 24 hours (you can have different set points, ramps, programs…)

3. Last step you have “dry phase” to obtain plates with less then 2% of water inside.

With one Cosmec Curing System (=3 curing chambers) you can produce without
stopping the production because in each step you have two chambers working and
one chamber available for loading

COSMEC GROUP provides all the elements to form an effective and reliable brickwork. The furniture is composed of the equipment to implement two system of 3 independent rooms side by side. The chambers are built side by side and Each chamber could be of 45 cube mt (layout 3x5x3 mt) and is equipped with a control board provided by a PLC. The dimension of the chamber could be modified considering your layout plant: we supply to our clients the engineered project with drawing to build a brick or panel chamber.
The control panel has been designed for monitoring the status and is possible to configure the cycle program using a password.
It’s possible to set the parameters (humidity, temperature, air flow speed, time) for each step of the process and save all the data in the recipes. The process is completely automatic. Cosmec Curing Chamber can reach 80 C° and 97% humidity (More temperature and humidity on request).
At the end of cycle the plates are ready for the assembling with constant high quality active mass, Water content less of 2% is the target. All process parameters are saved in a PC and it allow the chance to get and print the graph corresponding to each cycle hold in the equipment.