Via Coppelli 20 - Paderno Dugnano - Italy

Washing Tunnel

COSMEC GROUP Washing tunnel is designed to automatically clean the batteries from residual surface acid and then dry them.

The machines consists of four stages. The first one consists of playing nozzles where water solution of acid-neutralizing compound is sprayed on the batteries before brushing them. There are three brushes made from acid-resistant plastic actualized by servomotors. One brush cleans the heads and the lids while the two others clean the sides of the battery. The third stage is the rinsing where fresh water coming from the water network are sprays through nozzles, controlled by a photocell sensor, to correctly eliminate any untreated areas at the corners. The drying unit is composed by two centrifugal fans with high efficiency and low pressure losses. The air is conducted to six blowers, two top and four side blowers

The casing and the conveyor are made of 316L stainless steel and the hydraulical parts are in polypropylene. The machine casing present anti-emergency panels with doors, on which polycarbonate panels are installed for ease of operation and process control.

All the operations are controlled by PLC. The presence of pumps and valves reduce the water consumption and the pH measurements make the functionality of the machine easily manipulative.