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Mechanical PARTS

Mechanical Parts Fabrication

Cosmec Group makes, upon request from the customer and according to the technical drawings, parts with high added value that can be used to set up a machine or as spare parts for other machines. The machining of mechanical parts is done in series as well as in small series and single parts. You can visit our website: By our investment in equipment and technology and our experienced workforce we have been solving problems and delivering the highest quality components and assemblies and final products for our customer in the automotive, construction machinery, processing industry, medical and food industry across the Europe. We are specialized in precision CNC machining for custom manufacturing and small to medium serial. Our parts are small to medium size made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, hardox, bronze, and other alloys as well as plastic materials.

We have modern CNC Milling machines, able to process detail till 1000mm x 610 mm. We offer single parts or small series and we are specialized in produce mechanical parts for machines manufacturers. 


We have modern CNC Turning machines with motorized tools and Y axes. We produce single parts, small series or parts made upon clients request. We can offer competitive price and fast delivery.


We can offer Metal bending products till 4 meters long, welding by our expert workers and painting by epoxy. We can process in our painting epoxy equipments components or machines till 8 meter x 4 meters x 2,5 meters