Via Coppelli 20 - Paderno Dugnano - Italy

Grid Casting Machine

COSMEC GROUP grid caster is specially designed to cast with high productivity low antimony and lead-calcium alloys. Depending on the alloy the high speed feature of the machine can reach un output of 14 casts/min (28 grids/min), meaning a design productivity of over 6500 grids per shift. The grid casting machine is equipped with modern mechanical and electrical components to guarantee stable and reliable performance. Among the best characteristics of the machine are:
  • Lead pouring ladle heated by electric resistances, completely closed and surrounded by flames for preventing alloy oxidation. The operation of the ladle is pneumatic and its temperature is thermostatically controlled.
  • Opening and closing of the mold is easily adjustable by acting on the air control valves.
  • Two cooling system: the first one to cool the grid mould, both the fixed and the moving part; while the second one is for the trim die and the grid transfer system
  • Grid transfer mechanism studied for soft grid alloys. Tilted plate to ensure correct alignment before stacking.
  • Properly cooled transfer system to avoid damaging the grids while stacked
  • Stacker with adjustable width for the grids storage and collection; its feeding mechanism features a different speed for the transport and return stroke, and is equipped with a device for the automatic release of the grid over the stacker.
  • Main driven variable speed reduction motor
  • Easily accessible control panel installed next to the stacker for operator’s convenience
HEATING POT The standard 1.5 ton heating pot is designed for floor installation with dimensions 1.2m x 1.2m x 1m without the aspiration hood. The pot is heating by natural gas or LPG with automatic control and ignition. GRID MOULD Grid moulds are designed according to customers specification and grid design. Temperature is manipulated by electrical resistances and cooling channel. The process is controlled by thermocouples and a part of the software.