Via Coppelli 20 - Paderno Dugnano - Italy


We produce equipment for Busbar production. Completely automatic machines for manufacturing aluminum and Copper Busbar.

Our busbar manufacturing machines produce high volume for power and electric industries: insulate, bending, punching and assembling module for the most accurate product in the market.

Our electric press with 6 independent cylinder control the shape request by the client with very low tolerance.

Automatic Insulating Busbar

Machine able to insulate different lenght of copper or alluminum busbar. Diffent format, patented closing system.

Automatic Bending Busbar

Automatic bending busbar, 20T each, completely controlled by PLC, easy to change paramenters by touch panel.

Busbar equipment

Cosmec automatic equipmnet for busbar production. Cutting, welding, insultating, bending and assembling