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Completely automatic pickiling process for fasteners control.

Automatic galvanic equipment for cleaning fasteners before inspection.

Pickling is the removal of a thin layer of metal from the surface of screws or other metal components. It is used before to check the screws in quality laboratory.

Pickling or Acid Etching specific for fasteners quality control respecting environment, completely safe and modular.

How is working ?

In order to eliminate a thin layer of metal on surface or clean perfectly the screw before quality control you can use our MiniGalva Machine. How is working ? really simply, safe, and automatic…

Load Screws

On the left side you load a set of screw you need to process. You can chose different loading modules in order to process your type of screws

Choose Parameters

In the pannel you can set indipendetely each parameter for each tanks: temeperature, agitation, time, delay…

Automatic Process Starts 

You just press start and… wait !
the machine will do everything automatically, you can check trough the windows in front each step

Screw Automatic Pickling

Minigalva is an automatic machine completely modular able to do a pickling process in different tanks controlled by temperature, agitation modules, cleaning.

In our video you can see all its performances for your quality control.