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Water Cooling Formation

COSMEC GROUP charging baths ensure correct cooling and reduce formation time for SLA batteries.

COSMEC GROUP formation baths are paired with automatic loading and unloading. Thanks to the pneumatical system the batteries are pushed in the conveyor which covers the entire internal surface of the reservoir, batteries are moved inside the baths fully automatically.

Built-in automatic control level of the water provides correct temperature through sensors. The continuous flow of cool water does not allow high temperature inside the reservoir, and the excess of hot water is discharged back to the recirculating cooling system (in order to have drastically reduction of temperature in a shorter period).

Appropriate aspiration equipment to reduce the acidity in the environment and guarantee better working conditions and long-life of the surrounding machines.

All elements of the bath are made in acid-resistant materials, frames and supporting structures in 316L stainless steel

The water coming from the formation baths passes through a cooling tower where it is cooled down by and external loop, after which it goes to the storage tank. A pH correction system ensures always the right parameters of the water.

Our unit is constructed as a type “CHAMBER FLOATING BED”, that is the packing is composed of light hollow PP spheres that oscillate by floatation in the contact zone.

Under static conditions, i.e. when the tower is not in an operating cycle, the spheres accumulate on a screen positioned in the lower part of the room, of which they occupy a relatively small part.
The gas is fed in the lower part, while the liquid is introduced in the upper portion through sprayer manifolds.

When the plant is running, the gas to be treated will initially bubble through the scrubber solution and will then pass into the floatation stage, which is fed in counter current with a scrubber solution, composed of mains supply water. The flow rate of the recirculated liquid in the column will be regulated by a special valve. The gas crosses the drop separator located at the top of system (with the goal of trapping particles of recirculated liquid possibly entrained by the outflow of the gas from the column) and is then released into the atmosphere from the discharge stack.

A separate tank with soda will keep the right set of pH in the water

Standard version characteristics:

Dimensions:                                     8m x 1.6m

Material:                                          316L

N° batteries in one bath               240

Filling 240 L2                                   20 minutes

Bath loading and water filling    15 minutes

Formation phase                            10 hours

Unloading bath                               40 minutes