Via Coppelli 20 - Paderno Dugnano - Italy

Cast-on-strap Machine


COSMEC GROUP cast-on-strap
machine connects battery plates in 4-stage circular machine with rotating
table, which provides access to all stations. The machine handling all type of
batteries, well supported on a hydraulically powered frame, equipped with:

  • loading station
  • fluxing station
  • casting station
  • main lead pot, gas heated
  • unloading/boxing station
  • control panel
  • Vibrating table

Loading station

Groups of cell are loaded,
lugs up, onto the loading station. Plates and lugs are aligned via a vibrating
table and clamped in the right position.

The loading jig are universal
types so that only two sets of loading jigs, are


Fluxing station

The second stage ensures the
correct welding of the lugs through consecutive brushing and fluxing
operations. First, all lugs pass through surface alteration and then passing to
the fluxing unit to guarantee better attachment of the lead during casting.

Casting station

Mould and secondary lead pot
are parts of the station. The secondary

lead pots are electrically
heated. The lead is fed from the secondary lead pots to the mould by special
discharge cocks controlled by the control panel. Water circulation inside the
mould chills the straps and posts.

When the casting operation is
finished the groups are transferred to the unloading station for the boxing

Unloading station

The casted groups are clamped
and fed to the boxes.

Main pot

The lead, melted by a gas or
electrical system, is fed to the secondary lead pots by

special pumps equipped with control

Control panel

A dust-tight control panel
with Mitsubishi microprocessor, fuses, isolators and plug-in relays for easy
maintenance is provided

Ventilation and safety

The machine is equipped with a
hood for aspiration of air and it must

be connected to the factory’s
aspiration system.

The machine is safe for people
in charge of its functioning and is conform to the European Safety Regulations
standards. The machine is delivered with conformity declaration (CE)

The machine is designed to
process all types of batteries.

  • Rotating lead pump
  • Automatic lug alignment system
  • Lug brushing/fluxing station with motorized equipment.
  • Optional tinning station for calcium grids
  • Quick change mould device.
  • Lead pot electrically or gas heated and thermostatically controlled.
  • Mould equipped with heaters, thermocouples and cooling system.
  • The all terminals have been designed for a simple and rapid change over.
  • The programmable PLC controls
    all function of the machine, automatic cycles, and alarm.