Via Coppelli 20 - Paderno Dugnano - Italy

High Voltage Leakage Tester

The COSMEC GROUP Dielettric machine is designed to verify the absence of micro-pores in the thermosealing of the lid with the box. The machine is equipped with electronic high-voltage feeder with microprocessor control to correctly check the battery tightness. The machine provides an accurate detection of voltage leakage between the cover and the battery case with the help of special contact strips.

The battery entering the machine on a conveyor is fixed under the working head, consisting of one central electrode and four contact stripes. The central electrode is positioned on the positive terminal and the contact stripes are fixed around the battery on the welding line between the box and the lid. The test consist of high voltage generated on the positive terminal and the presence of electrical potential between the electrodes indicate voltage leak and therefore risk of battery malfunctionality.

The working unit is mounted on a pneumatically moved head with four self-adjusting grips, which fix the battery automatically in the desired position and guarantee excellent contact. The conveyor is additionally equipped with rejection system . The machine could be used as a stand-alone installation or as a part of finishing line.


  • Machine capacity: 6 batteries/min
  • Type of use: both car and truck batteries
  • Service requirements Electricity V=380 3Ph 50Hz

Installed power

Compressed air 6 bar

  • Overall dimensions: 1250mm x 1450mm x 1910mm