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High Rate Discharge


COSMEC GROUP HRD Testing Machine is designed to check
the battery for a quick discharge, which can be caused by manufacturing errors
such as plate and/or cell integrity defects, inverted plate, poor quality of
interconnects, low charge, etc.

A high-rate discharge pulse measures the voltage drop
of the battery, which is specifically designed for each battery type. The purpose of the ΔV -based test is to
accurately discriminate between defective and good batteries with no need to
recharge the batteries after the test. The machine presents
an audio-visual alarm system that is activated in case the ΔV exceeds the
admissible values.

Each battery entering the machine is positioned and
fixed under the HRD grips, and the machine automatically tests the quality of
formation. A dedicated software controls all parameters and visualize them on
the screen. The battery is put to discharge current normatlly 3 times the Ah
value for a few seconds. To pass the test the voltage should not go below 9V.
COSMEC GROUP HRD models range from 2V to 15.5V and from 100A to 1500A

HRD test is the most reliable way to evaluate the
battery quality before put them on the market.


  • Battery type                            Car and Truck batteryes
  • Capacity                                  6 batterie/minute (DIN60)
  • Power requirement                220V 1-phase/380V 3-phase @50 Hz
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)            1600x1650x1730 (NO CONVEYOR)


The Pole Brushing
machine is integrated in the same frame as HRD. It brushes the positive and
negative poles after formation and right before discharge test. The batteries
arriving in a motorized conveyor are individualized and blocked under the
brushes in order to clean the poles.


  • Available in 316L
  • Open circuit battery test
  • Memory of test up to 1 year back
  • Connection with the formation centralized server


Cosmec use
these components for the machines described in this contract:

  • Pneumatic components:                       SMC
  • Electronic components:                        Mitsubishi
  • PLC and software:                                 Mitsubishi
  • Gear Motors:                                          Bonfiglioli – Tramec – Autorotor
  • Motors:                                                   Mitsubishi – Smem

requests from the client can be sent in order to be introduced in this offer
after a detailed analysis.