Via Coppelli 20 - Paderno Dugnano - Italy

Oxide Production

Foundry for Lead Acid Battery

Oxide Plant is composed by different equipments for oxide lead production in battery Industry

The plant is composed of the following systems: production, storage and full automatic transport system equipped with scaling device.

A loading conveyer transports the lead ingots (in the range of 20kg to 40 kg) directly
into the melting pot controlled by a level system. The melted lead is then
conveyed, through a lead pump, into the machine cylinders.

The cylinders (ranging from 50gr to 60 gr each) are transported though a bucket
elevator into a storage silo of 30 ton capacity.

From the lower part of the silo, the cylinders are transported by a vibrating system to
the entrance of the mill.

The feeding of the mill is automatically controlled by an electronic scaling system; the
running of the mill is continuous and has a temperature control system with and
air-water cooling system.

The oxide powder is pneumatically dragged by an exhaust fan through:

  • Cyclone
  • Negative
    pressure cleaning filter on hose

Cooled oxide is extracted through rotative valve, screw conveyer and transported by a
bucket elevator to the storage silo of 40 tons capacity.

The air circuit is protected by the absolute filters (99.99%). In case of any problem
with the unit a sensor control system stops immediately the work by means of an
acoustic transponder assuming total protection to the environment. The storage
and transport system providing a negative pressure, thus resulting a minimum
oxide dust into the environment.

From the storage silos the oxide can be conveyed in a batching hopper sand subsequently
dosed into the mixer. COSMEC products are custom made, therefore engineered to
a custom plant requirements, needs and specifications.


Electrical power: 220V/380V 3-phase 50Hz 45kW

Cooling water: 800 l/h

Compressed air: 6 atm

Production: 8 ton or 14t 24h

Oxidation: Lead oxide 65%-70% (free lead 30%-35%) ± 2%*
*depending on environmental conditions

Mean grain size: 2 ±0.15 µm

Acid absorption:  240 ±40 mg/gPbO